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This is a place for readers. A place where all can share the magic of books and reading with one another. Everyone with a fond love of literature, whether it’s YA or the classics can find a home here at A Writer’s Bookshelf. We feature books begging to be read, motivation to pick up the pen yourself, posts to help our followers become more competent readers and generate deep discussions around books.

From aspiring authors to bedtime readers, we all need a place we can call home. A Writer’s Bookshelf is a place where we can immerse ourselves in literature, written from a place of passion. Join us on our journey to become better writers, better readers and better people.

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Ethan Hawk

“Give Yourself Permission to be Creative”

“Most of us really want to offer the world something of quality, something that the world will consider good or important and that’s really the enemy. It’s not up to us whether what we do is any good and if history’s taught us anything it’s that the world is an extremely unreliable critic.”

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