Make Yourself at Home!

The Prime Minister has been firm and unforgiving with his new approach at reinforcing social distancing measures in the UK. Many people face the daunting prospect of working at home for extended periods of time. As a freelancer, working from home is what I do everyday, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to successfully work from home without going crazy and murdering your family.


Alright alright, I understand no one wants to do this, just entertain the idea for a second. Boris Johnson has allowed the British Public to use outdoor facilities such as parks for the sole purpose of exercise and well being. Trust me you are going to want to make the most of this! Breaking up a day sitting behind your desk at home can be torturous at times. Without the strict routine of the office to keep you in check, remaining productive is a chore; you can easily drift and get distracted. This is why getting out of the house for that hour of exercise is so important! It’s going to give you something to look forward to, it’s gonna give you a break from your laptop screen. Trust me this is really going to help, so run! Forest run!

Where am I Gonna Work?

Designate a specific work-space that you will work at. Make sure you let your family know that if you’re at your desk or in your study, maybe even the garage if you’re not scared of spiders, that you are WORKING! That is the place where you go to WORK and you need to be left alone to WORK. Just think about it like this: you still work but your commute is considerably shorter! This will give you a separation between productivity and procrastination. Save the messing about with your partner, family and housemates to the living room, or the bedroom I don’t know what your into and I’m not here to judge, and allow yourself time and space to be productive. This is why the garage isn’t such a bad idea, no ones going to bother you in there!


This is by far the most important thing you need to consider when working from home. You’ve got to keep your routine. You can’t be rolling out of bed at twelve and log in to your emails to see what needs to be done; as lovely as that sounds, it’s not going to work. Wake up early, have a decent breakfast, and have a shower. I’m not going to hammer home all the old cliches, the early bird gets the worm or master the morning master the day, because we have heard them all before. Just understand the more normality you can incorporate into your day the less alien and uncomfortable your situation will seem.

It’s as Silly as it Sounds!

I hope this helps, working from home can be an extremely beneficial way to work once you establish a routine and stick to it. You might even find you’re more productive at home without your boss breathing down your neck. Who am I kidding you’ll probably take it easy! Just remember to stay healthy, stay productive and above all make sure you’re comfortable. The main takeaway from this one is make yourself at home while working at home, as silly as it sounds!