Check out Cristian Mihai’s incredible writing advice on his blog the Art of Blogging. Cristian’s philosophy is that writing is all about remaining committed to an idea and putting the work in when inspiration strikes. Don’t let your ideas wither away and die before you’ve even put pen to paper. Allow you’re ideas to flow freely onto the page when they come to you. The more we write the less writers block cripples our process, the only way to overcome a blank page is to fill a blank page. Of course nobody can write a million words a day, but the idea is the more we write, the more we will learn, imagine how much our writing would improve with a daily word count of a million words, its unfathomable!

When I get an idea, I write it down on my phone, on my laptop, on a napkin. I’ve had to wake up in the middle of the night to do this. I’ve had to pause a movie I was watching, or stop in the middle of the street. […]

How I Write a Million Words a Day — The Art of Blogging

Creating Something Beautiful…

Whether you’re a blogger, author or even a journalist, the first step to creating something beautiful, something that people love, is writing down that first idea. Inspiration can strike at any time of day the only question is will we be ready to receive it? Will we be ready to grip our opportunities by the collar and discover something remarkable? Keeping an open mind is key to discovery, and that’s what writing’s all about right: discovery.

Writers Block

We shouldn’t fear the blank page, we should welcome it as a challenge. Writers block is an opportunity to become better writers every single day. The only way we can achieve a primal and instinctive writing habit, where words seem to magically appear on the tips of our fingers, is to engage in our craft everyday as often as possible. To attain writing mastery we need to make our craft second nature and posses an unholy compulsion to engage in writing! I suppose it’s the old cliched adage: practice makes perfect. What do you guys do to keep your word count up? Let me know down in the comments and check out Cristian’s blog.

As Kerouac said “I had nothing to offer anybody, except my own confusion.” Perhaps that’s what writing is, our own process of making sense of things but without scribbling it down it’s worthless. It’s rendered to nothing more than confusion.