The man who spearheaded huge cultural movements like the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington with one single dream, the dream that he carried with him until his untimely death. Of course I’m talking about Martin Luther King, with the current racial climate, the fight against climate change, and of course the pandemic which has spread across the globe, we need King’s guidance more than ever. A true humanitarian, if there ever was one. Martin Luther King Jr. is an icon, his speeches are not only remembered by the African American community but by all creeds and cultures around the world. Not only did the man achieve great things in his fight for justice, he knew how to stay committed, disciplined and above all sacrifice what was necessary to achieve his goals. These virtues are things we can all learn from, so here are five of Martin Luther King’s most profound quotes for life, success and commitment.

“Lightning Makes no Sound Until it Strikes”     

We should not be disheartened if our efforts go unnoticed. Sometimes it takes time for our voices and our purpose to be heard. Just like lightning the repercussions of the words we write or utter come after they are spoken or written. We won’t make any sound or buzz about what we do until we strike. By working hard and creating something we may then feel the repercussions. 

“Shallow Understanding From People of Good Will is More Frustrating Than Absolute Misunderstanding From People of ill Will.”

We want to establish the quality connections in our life not weak and fragile links that don’t amount to any meaning or emotion. Sometimes, people pretending to care about a cause or a movement, burdens the progression of that cause more than the resistance it faces initially. Give your all to your beliefs.  

“Love is the Only Force Capable of Transforming an Enemy Into a Friend”

We can’t fight fire with fire. Love is the only conduit for forgiveness, loving our enemies provides them with no real power over us. Forgiving people shows the world that we are better than our enemies, we are the bigger person. Fighting is not as powerful as an embrace.   

“Only in the Darkness can you see the Stars” 

Sometimes we can only see beauty in the darkest of situations. The stars are only visible to us when the world is dark and bleak. We can take the good things in life for granted at times but we always remember how beautiful they are when life gets dark and hard again. Sometimes the darkness is necessary to our success.  

“A man who won’t die for Something is not fit to Live”

If we have no passion, nothing to fight for, no purpose we have no reason to live. We need to discover what is important for us and work towards making that dream become a reality. If we have no purpose, we have no reason to live.

Do you think I missed any Martin Luther King quotes which still have an immense amount of relevance today? If you do please share them with us down in the comments.