Okay, I’ve done the mathematics… it’s very much possible. Whether you want to do it though, I guess that depends on how much of a social life you’re looking to uphold. In order to read 100 books in the space of 365 days you’re going to be averaging just shy of 2 books a week and 0.273 books a day. So, as you can see it’s more than possible, I think if you’re a really committed and dedicated person it’s even probable. With that being said, if you clicked on this post you either really really really like books or you’re just plain crazy! No sane person would undertake this challenge if they weren’t one of the two! 

8 Books a Month for 12 Months… 

In order to achieve this goal it’ll take a lot of dedication, 8 books a month kind of dedication. If you’re not reading at least 8 books in that time you’re seriously going to struggle. I can’t deny that kind of reading sounds horrible if you’re not used to it but I feel like if you’re dedicated, committed and choose the right books, you’ll achieve it. I’d highly recommend drawing up a rough list of 100 books which you can use as a guideline for the next 365 days, it’ll help you put the challenge into perspective too. However, there are a few things to consider when deciding on your list of 100 books which can make or break this challenge. 

Length of Your Books

This is quite an obvious point but including novels like War and Peace in your list is quite simply barbaric. How can you read an infamously long novel when you have a target to uphold! People say that size doesn’t matter but in this challenge it definitely does! Sticking to novellas and shorter novels is a much better way to go about this… trust me! Think about it this way if every book on your list is 1,000 pages long, that’s a grand total of 100,000 pages you’re going to have to read over the course of the year, if you chose books that clock in at around 300 pages long you’re going to be in a much better position to finish the challenge.    

Genre and Variety 

Many of us have a soft spot for a specific genre of literature, Steven King fanatics and Harry Potter stans… I’m talking about you! Making sure you have a decent amount of variety in the books you read is a way you can make sure you don’t get bored. I mean if there’s a specific series you really want to power through and finish that’s excellent, power through and read them. Just remember it’s wise to mix it up, imagine reading horror exclusively for a year… I’m not sure I’d want to get to know you after that sheesh! Equally if somebody read romance exclusively for an entire year! Other than developing awesome reading skills, you might become slightly more emotional than you previously were.  

Difficulty and Reading Level      

Okay, if you’ve read this far then I imagine that this kind of challenge is something you might want to embark upon. If you do, the only advice I have for you is to know your limits. Ulysses might not be on everyone’s list, I’ll be honest it wouldn’t be on mine. If you really want to complete this insane challenge you’ve got to understand where you’re at. Reading the classics might be difficult for some of us and that’s ok! We are all working to become better writers and readers everyday, it all starts by putting one foot in front of the other and embarking on your journey through literature. And a challenge like this is definitely one way of making one giant step towards that ambition… I’m going to give it a go and I hope you guys do too. Any advice from anyone who have attempted something like this before would be highly treasured, so please comment below if you have any ideas.