As writers, bloggers and unique interesting people, we all have a different process to getting our work done. Nothing could ever be quite as subjective as a working process, although Avant Garde artworks may give it a run for its money! Whether you write in the morning or the evening and no matter what process you have, here are five things that you can do to ensure you get the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Eat Something!

It might seem pretty obvious to some that we should eat before setting up shop to work but for many people, myself included, it’s difficult to find time. The habit of skipping breakfast is a seductive mistress, it offers time, less cleaning up and all manner of good things. Alas like any seductive mistress, or mister… whatever floats your boat! We have to treat him/her with respect. Missing breakfast is something we shouldn’t take advantage of. Eating before working is something I live and die by now, it genuinely has the potential to ruin your day. I find if I haven’t eaten I get hangry, which can be pretty counterproductive. I also find that skipping meals distracts me, I’ll start thinking about some crispy buttery toast instead of the task at hand, something which ultimately hurts my productivity.      

Clear Your Mind 

I’m not suggesting we all meditate, although you can if you want to, but clearing your mind before a long task is a great way to stay on track. I don’t start my day with the downward dog every morning to cleanse the chakras… In truth I know nothing about yoga! What I will try and do though is start my day early, listen to some 80s bangers and go for a run. It just gives me time to think about the upcoming day if it’s a busy one. Now I’m not perfect, and I struggle to do this everyday but it really can make all the difference for me at times. It can turn a good day into a great day.  

Set a Word Count 

Setting a goal for the day is perhaps the most important part of my own working process. Having an ambition to work towards is usually what separates good days from bad days. As an example, today I aim to write five different posts all clocking in at around 750 words which ultimately adds up to around 3,750 words for the day. Obviously I don’t do this everyday. I’d be some sort of blogging superstar if I did! But as this is one of my main writing days I try to make the most of it, and try to exceed the goal if I can. On other days which are taken up with uni or different projects I’ll set different goals but whatever goal I set I’ll try and reach it. Goals motivate us to achieve and work hard which is why I think everyone should have a goal before they sit down to work.  

Set a Timer 

Alternatively, you could set a timer instead of a word count… Or have both, go crazy! Working for hour increments then having a short break is a good way to clock a couple of productive hours into your writing if this helps you work. Usually I break my day down into designated time periods for specific bits of work but I do not use a timer. If long towering word counts aren’t your thing, if they seem dry or intimidating, then setting a work timer is a good way to log in some productive time.     

Boil the Kettle 

I love my coffee and I will not start working until I have one in front of me! I understand not everybody drinks caffeine but I find allowing myself this earthly pleasure keeps me at my desk. It doesn’t have to be coffee either, if you love juice then taking sporadic sips during your writing is a good way to keep you at your desk and reward yourself for working hard. Maybe even snacks like crisps or mints could be your thing. Whatever it is, see if it works!  

What do you Think? 

What do you guys think about this post? Is there anything you guys do before writing? Let me know about your writing habits down in the comments I’d be super curious to know.