Living through the twenty-first century is a unique experience to begin with… Now possibly even more distinctive due to the happenings of 2020. The world seems to be in a constant game of tug of war. With states vying for power, politicians battling it out on twitter and a never ending degree of threat which seemingly snowballs with the gentle push of mass media. Regardless of how terrible this year has been we must also remember that we are blessed. In the western world it’s never been better to be a human being. We have technology which can connect us with billions of people around the globe, we have the most hygienic and effective healthcare in human history and an array of other benefits that don’t take too much imagination to think of and recall. We are blessed with tools that can help us feel more fulfilled, give us a sense of purpose and live a beautiful life.     

Entitlement and Privilege 

All of these wonderful things which I’ve just listed have led to something, which in my opinion can be one of the ugliest things about being a human being: entitlement.

We have goals we work towards, we have ambitions we want to achieve but as soon as we feel we are entitled to them we take one giant step towards failure. Nothing gets done in life without hard work, dedication and strength of character. The virtues and integrity which we treasure in our society are changing, it’s more important to have 20,000 followers now than ever before but I know I’d rather have 20,000 books stocked and shelved in storefronts across the country.

What I’m trying to suggest is that social media provides us with the illusion of success, it’s like a video game. Congratulations you’ve reached max level 10th prestige, unfortunately you’re still in the same job you started 3 years ago and you haven’t improved professionally at all… But you won right, you beat the game! 

It can be considered a tenuous connection but one I do believe in, the argument towards this idea would be that social media provides people with opportunities, promotional contracts, the ability to become an “influencer.” 

It’s just my opinion, and you don’t have to listen to me. Thats the beautiful thing about the twenty-first century you can take what you want and whatever seems to go against your ideas or your principles, you can ignore me because I, like everyone else on the blogosphere or social media, am not qualified to provide you with life advice or to point you in the right direction. All I do is document my own experience in the hope that it may help at least a little bit.

I don’t want to be a glorified sales person, I want to build something. In my humble opinion working for numbers is wrong, working for passion is what we should do. 

Don’t be a Princess, be a Poet… 

Or indeed interchangeably: Prince, whether you choose to identify as a prince or princess, it’s far better to be a poet or poetess, with a voice that truly matters, a voice that has been built with the strong foundations of knowledge and experience. 

Regardless of what each and everyone of us think about social media, it’s here to stay. What I urge anyone who’s reading this blog to do though, is this: Harness your voice, and use it. Don’t speak from entitlement, we are not just writers because it says so on Instagram, we are writers because we write everyday even without a pay check or the glory. If you want to change, to be something new, unique and exciting, to break the mould and be different then put two feet on the ground and do the work. 

Don’t be entitled, be unrivalled. Unrivalled in your field or your skills, work harder than anyone else. So when it comes to it, your voice is heard above all the empty noise of writers who have never written and princes who believe they are poets.   

Unique Voices… 

We are all shaped by experience, without experience we remain formless and unmoulded. Get out there and drive towards ambition otherwise you may never live to see the day you actually achieve your goals and sculpt the person you want to be. I’ll leave you with this… 

Has anyone ever seen that film Midnight in Paris? Owen Wilson, a writer on holiday with his Wife in Paris, ends up going back in time where he meets his writing idols. Ernest Hemingway turns and says this to him:

Say you’re a writer, then declare yourself the best writer. But you’re not, as long as I’m around, unless you want to put the gloves on and settle it. 

It’s a bit of a cringy example and perhaps a little macho and outdated, but in my opinion it sums up the passion and commitment which I humbly feel is necessary to achieve anything, always striving to be the best…