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I never shared the optimism for reading my peers had in my younger years, but as I grew older I began to understand just how important it was.

Now I can’t help myself, always immersed in the worlds of culture and literature looking to learn more every single day.

Books are magical things, they can transport us to other planets, to different times and to unique realities.

The kind of places which only exist on paper are sometimes the only places we long to be.

That’s why this blog exists. The world of literature is magical and special. As a blogger and a writer… A career path my parents never thought I’d walk down! My love of books hasn’t dwindled, it’s grown and with it my curiosity.

I love reading and I love books and because of that:

No one has to pay me a dime to write this blog because I just simply love it

– Robert KJ Cook, creator of A Writer’s Bookshelf

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Robert KJ Cook – Creator of A Writer’s Bookshelf


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